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Choosing an Agile Consultant

How can your company that is rife with waterfall and top down management choose an Agile consultant? Not to just teach Agile. You need to find one that will help your company with the mindset change and the organizational changes … Continue reading

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Why is it that some agile adoptions succeed and others fail? To me it is clear. “Ownership.” Teams take ownership of the delivery, the processes, and their own effectiveness. Unfortunately, under micromanagement regimes, teams develop a bad case of learned … Continue reading

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Interview Questions

By now you all know I am a collaborative leader. I trust my teams and help them take ownership. I feel all the decisions should be made by the team. My job is to own the decision making process: to … Continue reading

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Feedback vs Criticism

“There is no such thing as constructive criticism. After all, when was the last time someone asked you if you wanted some constructive criticism and you knew it was going to be good news? However, feedback is valuable when it … Continue reading

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Trust and Ownership

I have been thinking a lot about the subtle ways we take away ownership and display lack of trust. They seem to be tightly coupled. Here are two examples. What about getting estimates from your team. I see this scenario … Continue reading

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Performance Reviews

I have to go and do the performance reviews for my team,” said a colleague at dinner. We had met up at a conference and she felt she had excuse herself early. “Why are you doing them?” I asked. “Did … Continue reading

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