Choosing an Agile Consultant

How can your company that is rife with waterfall and top down management choose an Agile consultant? Not to just teach Agile. You need to find one that will help your company with the mindset change and the organizational changes that need to happen to sustain Agile. There are many consulting firms and you need to sort through them all and find the right fit for you.

The first question the consultants should ask is, “Why do you want to move to agile?”  They need to also ask if you are willing to make the culture shift to an Agile culture and organization. In other words, do you want to Agile in your organization for the long run.

Be wary of companies that want you to make a long term commitment for classes and coaching. It is true an Agile transformation needs coaching but it should be on an as needed basis.

Do you have any red flags or go ahead signals to pick a consultant? Let me know!


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